We believe in using a dynamic approach to speech-language therapy by tailoring our approach to match the unique needs of an individual.

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We offer speech-language therapy in traditional as well as non-traditional settings. Most speech therapy is limited by the environment in which it is delivered. Speech therapy typically takes place in highly structured environments, such as private offices or the client’s home. While structured environments are preferable for children with few involvements or children learning new skills, they do not promote carry over to everyday life. Non-traditional settings allow for more “real-life” practice as well as incidental development of skill sets in other, non-targeted areas. For example, if a client participates in hippotherapy, they are not only receiving traditional speech-language interventions, but they are also incidentally working on fine motor and gross motor development.

REINS (Reinforcing Expression, Independence, and Neurodevelopmental Skills) Therapeutic Services provides speech-language services in Montgomery and Frederick County, MD and surrounding areas. We are currently one of the few practices offering hippotherapy in the tri-state area.