We come to your home or a location of your choosing* and provide group therapy, Mommy (or Daddy) & Me Language Trainings, or Social Skills Groups. Groups may be set on a one-time-only basis or at a discounted rate for hosting a six-week course. Minimum of 5 participants.


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Create Your Own Group

*Additional charges may apply.

**Children must be siblings.

In this group, parents of typically developing children or children with delays learn how to create an environment that fosters speech, language, and social development while participating in fun and functional activities. This group is geared toward children between the ages of one and four and their parents; however, all ages are welcome. Maximum 6 children per group. Groups meet for an hour a week for six weeks.


In a natural, farm setting, individuals learn and practice the skills necessary for working with a group, including topic maintenance, turn taking, asking questions to gain information, body language, understanding personal space, and understanding facial expressions. Groups meet for 45 minutes a week for six weeks.



Social Skills Group

Mommy (or Daddy) and Me Group

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