"B loves working with Ms. Erin. Hippotherapy is one of his very favorite activities. Going fast, going outside, is all very motivating to him. He will work hard to speak with longer sentences and more accurately for the rewards! Every night after hippotherapy, Benzi talks about Sweeties and the other horses he rides on. He really loves them." -Katie

"Our daughter has been coming to hippotherapy for the past three years working with Erin.  She has grown in her confidence with riding; strengthened her core and expanded both her verbal and non-verbal language.   The best part is that Erin knows how to make the session super fun and engaging so it doesn't feel like typical therapy." -The Welch Family

"Erin has been great at getting Luke to say the complete sounds in words.  He would prefer to say only the beginning syllable in words but Erin has been able to get him to say complete words!  Luke enjoys the activities Erin plans each session.  Erin makes it fun for Luke to learn to speak more clearly.  Luke has shown significant progress since we started working with Erin a few months ago." – Kate P.

"My son Bryce (4) has a rare syndrome that affects every aspect of his daily life.  He has low tone and is currently nonverbal.  Bryce loves his hippotherapy sessions with Erin.  She is always encouraging and animated and willing to adapt the sessions to Bryce’s needs.  Since starting hippotherapy Bryce has begun to take steps, he is more cognitively aware and he is beginning to make and copy sounds." -Jenna G.